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Family owned and operated on the bold coast of Milbridge, Maine
Welcome to Chipman's Wharf!
Chipman's Wharf is located in the beautiful, coastal town of Milbridge, Maine. It is owned and operated by brothers, Chris and Jason Chipman who are carrying on the family tradition of lobster fishing. 

Our lobsters are caught locally off the bold coast of Maine in icy cold Atlantic waters. Several boats come in daily to our wharf to sell their catch. When you come to buy our lobsters, you can see just how fresh our product is and also get a Maine experience watching the boats come and go.

In the summer months, fishermen catch soft shell lobsters also known as "shedders" because the lobsters have shed their hard shell. Shedders have sweet, succulent meat. 
Hard shell lobsters are a bit more challenging to eat, but you reap the reward with lots of meat inside. Either way, you are sure to have a fine meal of "the ultimate white meat."
Baked, steamed, boiled, rolled or stewed, nothing compares in flavor to Maine lobster.

To complete your lobster feast, consider adding locally dug steamer clams or fresh Maine crabmeat!
6 Pack Summer GIVEAWAY!!! 

Go to our Chipman's Wharf Facebook page, like our page and share this photo for an entry to win 6 shedders (soft shell), 5 lbs of steamer clams, and a Chipman's Wharf t-shirt. Gear up to win when we reach 1,000 likes!!!
Maine Tides

Check out the local tides of Milbridge by clicking the link below!