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Family owned and operated on the bold coast of Milbridge, Maine
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Chris Chipman

Jason Chipman

About Chipman's Wharf
Our family lobster business has been in operation since 2004, when we built our wharf. Fishing has been a long standing tradition in the Chipman family. Chris and Jason, fourth generation fishermen, fish their own boats. Chris captains his boat F/V Monica Tymin and Jason his boat F/V Miss Amity. John Chipman, their father, captain of F/V Catherine E, has been fishing for fifty years and has passed his family values and hard work ethic on to his two boys. Both brothers are committed to the lobster fishing industry, which has been the means of income for the Chipman family for over fifty years. "It's what we do; it's in our blood." 

Here at Chipman's Wharf, all our local fishermen practice state regulations daily, protecting the industry and marine environment for future generations.
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