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Family owned and operated on the bold coast of Milbridge, Maine
Meet our Crew
F/V Monica Tymin

Captain Chris Chipman
F/V Miss Amity

Captain Jason Chipman
F/V Catherine E

Captain John Chipman
F/V Rachel & Morgan

Captain Jason Colby
F/V Miss Steph

Captain Alfred Haycock    
F/V Knot Shore

Captain Curtis Haycock

F/V Daddy's Angels

F/V Morgan Elaine

F/V Capt Cole

F/V Miss Christy

F/V Miss Cindy

F/V Lil' Cobras

F/V Always Sumthin

F/V Nummah

F/V Mr. Maverick

Captain Alton Wallace

Captain Allen Leighton

Captain Josh Grover

F/V Fantastic 4

Captain Linden Perry

Captain Ronnie Kennedy    

Captain James Wallace

Captain Dicky Wallace    

Captain Nevin Dorr  

Captains Rachel and Jenna Colby

Captain Maverick Chipman