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Trap-to-table seafood caught year round.

Chipman’s Wharf is a family operated business located in the beautiful, coastal town of Milbridge, Maine. We supply only sustainable seafood caught from the pristine, cold waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

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This year we're under construction building a brand new saltwater holding tank, commercial kitchen and retail area with many new amazing items.  So stop by after your hike and grab some Fresh local seafood and observe a real, working waterfront. RVs don't be shy, you'll have plenty of room to turn around!

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Chipman's Wharf
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Always Sustainable

We take our pledge to protect the planet and support future generations very seriously. Chipman's Wharf is committed to providing locally sourced and sustainable food you can feel good about eating.


Lobster fishing is done by trap. Each trap is fitted with sized escape hatches and breakaway toggles. These features reduce by-catch and prevent larger animals from becoming tangled with gear.


Female lobsters are often caught with eggs under their tails. These 'berried' lobsters must be marked with a "V", and then tossed back -- a safeguard protecting the fishery for over a century.

Proper Sizing

In order to be legally sold, lobsters must be within a certain size range. This prevents over harvesting and ensures a healthy stock. The minimum size is 3 1/4 inches, and the maximum is 5 inches.


Every aspiring lobster fisherman must complete an apprenticeship program. Apprentices learn the tools of the trade, how to be safe, and the importance of shellfish harvesting regulations.

Seed Program

Every licensed lobsterman contributes to the lobster fund. This contribution comes from a portion of the licensing fee. The money funds biological research, and supports lobster hatcheries.

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Visitor Information

Our wharf is located on Wyman road in Milbridge, Maine. From town, head down Wyman Road 1.5 miles and turn left at the Chipman's Wharf sign. RV’s don’t be shy! You have plenty of room to turn around.

Market and Grill Hours:

    Seafood Market Hours

  • Sun. Mon. Tues: CLOSED
  • Wed-Sat: 10-4
  • Lunch Grill

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