Our Crew

Here at Chipman's Wharf our crew is like family.  The older generation teaches the younger crews the ways of the water and models the strong work ethic and patience it takes to make a living on the water.  

F/V Catherine E

John Chipman

John W Chipman started lobster fishing in a skiff and outboard at the age of 13 , the 3rd generation to make his career on the water.  Following his high school graduation, he continued his education by earning a degree in Building Construction before becoming a full time fisherman in 1972.  He is well known in Maine for his boat building craftsmanship and honest work ethic, and is currently serving his his 25th year as Milbridge Harbor Master.  Father to Chris and Jason, he has passed his passions for the industry and life on the water on to them.  He spends summers and fall fishing for lobsters and crabs and can be found dragging for scallops in the winter season.  He enjoys teaching his grandchildren about the lobster business and hopes another generation will continue the tradition of Chipmans making their living on the water.  

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F/V Monica Tymin

Chris Chipman

Christopher William Chipman is a 4th generation fisherman, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. From a young age it was obvious he would make working on the water his career.  His elementary school teachers joked that when given a chance, he would be found drawing boats.  During his teenage years he hauled traps in a skiff and outboard in the afternoon after school. Upon his high school graduation in 1995, he launched his first boat the  F/V Chip Ahoy! and began the business of full time lobster fisherman.  Chris is now teaching the fishing business to his own 4 children and continues the long standing tradition of fishing about the F/V Monica Tymin. 


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F/V Miss Amity

Jason Chipman

Jason Merrill Chipman is a 5th generation fisherman who also has carried on his family's legacy of working on the water.  Jason enjoys participating in the Maine Lobster Boat Racing circuit along the coast of Maine racing his boat the F/V Miss Amity.  In 2001 Jason, with his brother Chris, bought waterfront property on the Wyman Road in Milbridge and formed Chipman's Wharf.  Together, they have worked hard to build a successful business in the coastal fishing village.   Jason can often be seen at the wharf waiting on customers after hauling his lobster traps.  He also continues to teach the fishing business to his two children who will likely continue in the Chipman family fishing tradition.  

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F/V Sarah Belle

Alfred Haycock

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F/V Outnumbered

Jason Colby

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F/V Knot Shore

Curtis Haycock

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